Services Overview

The practice is expressly maintained as general practice of law – according to the broad experiences of its proprietor. This is to say that the client shall receive comprehensive counseling – and not only in certain aspects in one particular field of law. 

Oftentimes specialized knowledge is not necessary to represent the best interests of the client – as there is no need to consult a "doctor specialized in common cold" to treat a common cold.

My services include the following:

  • Forceful litigation as well as compulsory enforcement (if necessary and appropriate)
  • Avoidance and prevention of litigation and conduct of extrajudicial negotiations
  • Advisory Services
  • Legal assessment of contracts
  • Drafting of Contracts

with extensive experience in the following fields:

  • Civil Litigation and Contracts (e.g., Sale-Purchase or Lease Contracts, Investment Contracts, Collection of Accounts Receivable, Employment Law)
  • Company Law (e.g., Civil Law Associations, Limited Liability Companies as well as Limited Partnerships, Companies Limited by Shares)
  • Tax Law (e.g., opposition proceedings, assistance and negotiation in case of field audits)
  • Insolvency Law (removal of a company's over-indebtedness)
  • Trademark Law and Protection of Titles, Names, Logos etc. (registration, defense and protection against injunctive relief proceedings)
  • Legal aspects of the Internet (e.g., online auctions, domain conflicts etc.)
  • Inheritance Law
  • Foreign and International Law (in particular French, English, US-American and Spanish law)

Because the terms used in the adjoining overview of services sound more or less abstract, I have put together an exemplary list of real life situations, in which it is reasonable to contact me at an early point in time:

Examples for Services for Individuals
Examples for Services for Companies and Entrepreneurs

if you have any questions
feel free to contact us

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